The Caring PlaceThe Caring PlaceThe Caring Place The Caring Place

The home has 41 children residing in the boarding school. Most of these children are orphans and others have only one guardian who lives in very poor conditions.

The most interesting thing is to see the dramatic changes in these children after coming to Caring Place. They were feeling rejected and abandoned by society but in this home they feel accepted and appreciated for who they are. Most of these children have top grades in their studies at the schools. Actually, they are very intelligent and focused.

The children come from the market streets or the villages. The children in the villages usually move from one house to the next searching for food or stealing food. Most of these children have been abused and were not able to defend themselves. They lived in very poor houses, on the tops of trees, in the hole of pit latrines or on the street. The children we get from the street usually eat the rotten food from the markets. We accept these children into the Caring Place and give them medical help, psychological help and love. Sometimes it is a bit challenging to us especially when we meet unexpected needs.