St. Anne Mission HospitalSt. Anne Mission Hospital St. Anne Mission Hospital St. Anne Mission Hospital

St. Anne Mission hospital is a small Catholic mission hospital sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Meru, it is situated in the Eastern Province of Kenya on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, at an Altitude of about 5,000 ft in a very healthy area. It was started by Consolata Sisters in 1959 as a health center and was later handed over to the Don Orione Sisters in 1979 and the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Sisters took over the hospital on March 2009 to the present. Since then it has experienced a gradual growth to a hospital which has depended mainly on benefactors because many people in this area are small scale farmers or poor without sufficient income. It covers a population of around 500,000 people in Igoji and the surrounding area. Many people are Christians and the larger population are Catholics, followed by PCEA and other denominations. Many people are strong in their faith and go to church to pray together at least every Sunday. Due to the poor economic status many hospital bills go unpaid and it’s difficult for the hospital to make any progress without external help. The budget of the hospital depends mainly on donations. St. Anne was earlier known as Maternity and Cottage hospital for mainly Maternity cases but now it is a hospital.